Man with four sons, Part IV

The man, said of this to his fourth son,

“Son, I do not know now what kind of man you will be in the future. Nor do I know who you will meet, what you will do and what decisions you will make that will bring you happiness

This I do know now. You have all you need to achieve whatever you set your mind to. The world is open to your searching mind and heart. Let them search uninhibited by fear or worry. Go out and look for like-minded friends who will join you in your quest but do not be bind down by their dreams. Find out your strength, work it into your livelihood so that you excel in it. Enjoy your work and you never will work another day of your life.”


Man with four sons, Part III

He said of this to his third,

“My third, my joyful star. The one whom greets me cheerfully every morning with a big smile and bright voice. Ever so sensible, you are usually the first to point out things, even when I would rather they be hidden. You have also shown how quick your mind is from your daily chores as you figure them out, even faster than your elder brothers at times!

“You need to know, that there is a time to speak and there is a time to be still. For though some things are good, they are not good to be done at all times. There is virtue in waiting and timing plays an important role in all that we do. Sometimes, timing alone determines the successes and failures of a man. Thus, wait your turn and bid your time. For you will be rewarded and your efforts will be well received.”

Man with four sons, Part II

Then he said this to his second,

“My dearest second, you make me smile. For you are the most sensible one. You read my mind and obey my will, even when at times when I don’t say them out. Helpfulness and willingness, you reach out to those in need without a thought. First to smile and first to join in the fun, you nevertheless are one who will stay back to clear up.

Still my son, there could be more. You must understand this to be more. That not always fruits come from labour, sometimes God make you wonder. There will be times when things seem unfair. When the whole world seems to be conspiring against you. Take note, my boy, that God IS fair. It is just not His time to be so yet. So let go of it when things seems wrong, for in the end it balances all. Live your life the best you can be, and let Him take care of the rest.

Man with four sons, Part I

There once was a man with four sons. Each of them, he loves differently, and each loves him in their own ways. Nevertheless, loves them he does. Each of them brings him pride and yet, each of them causes him heartache in their time.

To his eldest son, he says,

“Oldest of my pride, you are like my morning sun. When you came into this world, you were my light for you bring joy and wonder into my world again. Each day looks different because of your smile, your cry and your voice. Much as I spend each of my days with you, you seem to grow up without my noticing. Quick in the mind and speech, you never cease to amaze me when you spring a new ideas into my life.

Yet, a focus you lack. Amidst all the intellect and spark, you burst in all direction but yet none at all. One day, I pray you will find the one that holds your purpose in your life. Burn yourself in it and keep at it. With your talent and your strength, you can do much, but you need to keep at it. Focus and plunge on. Be fearless and do not give up.”


(I’ve missed out two weeks of posts, but I’m glad to say I have not cease reading. Simply that i need more time to time, instead of just writing.)