Age of Good Living

After the Cold War, the world seems to have stabilized into a new global order. Not withstanding terrorism, war was not as popular among the more civilized nations to resolve their differences anymore. It does seems that the only wars have been the so-called war against terror where the conflicts seems to be revolving around the oil-rich regions.

Perhaps also tempered by social media, the notion of waging war against thy neighbors seems to be aberrant and no longer acceptable. Even those conflicts that actually happened had to be sanctioned by UN. Isn’t it at the end of the day, driven by the economical gains or loss? I suppose also that realistically, can any nation, at the current moment, really stand up the the military might and technological advantage of the United States of America? Perhaps China one day, and we may see a war over ideology. Most likely not, as the Chinese know that there are better ways to get rich than waging war.

Thus, is there truly a need for armed forces other than the US? Are armed forces really necessary for deterrence and for enabling of policy space?

There is also the sense by which a global village has been invented by the World Wide Web. Though dominated by the US and its more developed allies, the Internet has nevertheless bonded people together in the drive for information and, more importantly, entertainment. Flooded by meaningless self-entertainment novelties such as Youtube and Hollywood serials, life is good for most people. The idea of giving the current state of life and striving for more leaves many unsettled and thus unwilling to fight for more.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and he will be unwilling to let go of his fishing rod to go for other things.”