Don’t Stop

If, at a certain point in life, you decide that this is your lot in life and that you are happy where you are to let the river flow, pushing you along to where it may lead. STOP! The moment you make that decision, conscientiously or unknowingly, you have effectively stopped living and started aging.

Be grateful for what you have now considering that billions in the world do not even have what you may consider basic rights of life. Be content and enjoy your relationships like you will not have them tomorrow. But never, ever stop striving to be better than what you are now.

There are no blueprints for an average citizen. There is no ideal of a middle class folk. There is no allocated lot nor any man-designed life for you to live. God gave us, at a great cost to His Son, free will. Live it and use it to think, strain that free will to ponder, squeeze your God given life to strive on for the best. For there is no limit set by anyone else except that which you think it is your limit.

For once you stop striving, you stop moving. Once we stop moving, we stop living.