Man with four sons, Part I

There once was a man with four sons. Each of them, he loves differently, and each loves him in their own ways. Nevertheless, loves them he does. Each of them brings him pride and yet, each of them causes him heartache in their time.

To his eldest son, he says,

“Oldest of my pride, you are like my morning sun. When you came into this world, you were my light for you bring joy and wonder into my world again. Each day looks different because of your smile, your cry and your voice. Much as I spend each of my days with you, you seem to grow up without my noticing. Quick in the mind and speech, you never cease to amaze me when you spring a new ideas into my life.

Yet, a focus you lack. Amidst all the intellect and spark, you burst in all direction but yet none at all. One day, I pray you will find the one that holds your purpose in your life. Burn yourself in it and keep at it. With your talent and your strength, you can do much, but you need to keep at it. Focus and plunge on. Be fearless and do not give up.”


(I’ve missed out two weeks of posts, but I’m glad to say I have not cease reading. Simply that i need more time to time, instead of just writing.)


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