Freedom of Speech?

I am at odds with the notion of freedom of speech. Please don’t get me wrong. I am all for the idea of a uninhibited exchange of ideas and discourse by which the best course of action may be taken. However, the notion that everyone has a right to say something, even when that something said is utter nonsense, is wrong.

Words have power. Written or spoken, they pierce that which the bayonets cannot, the heart and mind of men. Words change men, for the better or worse. Harsh words spoken in anger are like nails hammered into the wood, even when the nails are removed through an apology, the scars remain there for all to see. We underestimate the power of words when we give the freedom to wield them without restrictions.

The Internet has changed the world in more ways than academics can document. It also allowed the small minority with extreme views to put their voice on the same stage as the rationalized ones.  Well-thought through arguments are placed side by side with irrational yet passionate voices and are drowned out by the theatrics of the latter. Sound advices and lines of inquiry are pushed aside simply because they often lack the appeal of the wild. Our six second generations often lack the ability to see through a string of thoughts and logic to its reasonable conclusion and make a informed and objective decision.

Thus, freedom of speech akin to giving weapons en mass to all who are willing, letting the infants of thoughts shoot out their feelings to those who are more intrigued by the flash of their muzzle than the directions the guns are pointed.

I do not advocated any totalitarian rule by which the press is controlled by solely one party. But freedom of speech is just as easily swayed by the power of the cash in a democratic country that claims to be free


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