It seems hard to keep to my one week one blog post resolution with so many distractions around. However, I am glad to report I’m almost done with learning the rubix cube!!! There’s also the Lunar (Chinese) New Year and all the visiting. Of course, having four kids is always a daily challenge especially with one of them preparing for the PSLE next year and is still failing subjects.

Anyway, this week’s thoughts are on elitism. Is it really such a bad thing? I opine that elitism is the natural order of things. For the society to progress, there needs to be a concentration of resources in the hands of the capable to focus these resources into more elaborate projects for research and development. At the same time, it is in their self-interests (a natural and valid reason in my view) to keep these developments firmly in the hands of their family. For therein lies the ability and continued training to keep the venture going, for these ventures may not see fruit for one or two generations. If these ventures prove unprofitable, natural order will remove these advantage from the hands of these elites into the next better player.

Perhaps rather than looking at the Gini-coefficient (always a good and lazy way to quote wikipedia) as a measurement of social equality (why do we argue for it anyway?), it may be better to measure social mobility in a nation. It is, my opinion, that the government exists, not to benefit all its citizenry, but to level up the poorest of its population so that their children may have as much opportunities as the middle class. Not the first class, or the first 10%, I would say, for it is impossible (why set impossible goals to fail at?) Thus, a measurement of a government’s success is to provide education and training for all till their academic and skill proficiency. At the end of the day, is it the government’s job to provide a private car for all or just adequate public transport for all.

Success, we must also bear in mind, is more than just material wealth. Of course, a local Chinese saying goes, “钱不是万能的,但是没钱是万万不能的。” Money is not all powerful, but it is dreadful to be without it. Even with this, success must be measured in more than material wealth, just as happiness is found in small things money cannot buy. Neither is the richest man in the country necessarily the happiest, if there is such an accurate measurement. Inner peace and the knowledge of one’s place in God’s plan is often more enduring than the fleeting joys of material things. But then, I may be so sunk into the greatest lie of all that I really do not know… “Religion is the opium of the people” – Karl Marx

O yes, I’m thinking of setting up another blog for some concepts of games I have. Once it is up, I will provide a link here…


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