Singapore Job Database

Breakfast Network reported that NTUC is setting up a Singapore Job bank in order to match job seekers to relevant job vacancies out there. The effort is well and with good intentions but I do have a few questions about the initiative.

Firstly, there are already multiple commercial websites out there that lists job vacancies in Singapore. What makes this “official” website different from others? It was mentioned in the BN that it will be mandatory for companies to list down their vacancies in the job back. How are they going to police this? There are certain jobs which, by nature of expertise and experience may not be suitable for public listing.

Secondly, the intent was for the jobs to be opened to locals first before the application is open to foreign workers. Sounds like another stab at job protection. I never agree with job protection. Singaporeans are never short on job availability. They (i cannot say “we” as I was never on the look for job) are simply too picky. At the same time, Singapore is in a situation where we should be seeking to draw talents into working in Singapore. Setting up a system like this is another way of reminding them that they will be treating second class. Companies want to find the best man for the job, being Singaporeans have its benefit but not by far. This system will just be circumvented via other means.

Just my five cents worth…


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