India and China, Mahan vs Mackinder Points of View

Another good article from the Diplomat on the India China geopolitical situation, Mr Abhijit Singh summarises Mahan’s thoughts very clearly as highlighted by Mr Zorawar Daulet Singh’s article in Journal of Defence Studies available here.

At the end of the day, while Mahan’s theory on sea power seems archaic in the age of computer warfare and longer landbased missile reaches, the dominance of sea power still hold sway as the trade routes of the world are still 90% at sea. Without going over the line into hostilities, both sea power and land forces are tools by which the nation can utilize to make its point across. These are simply ways the nation’s leaders signal intentions to each other as well as to their own domestic populace. Clausewitz? Maybe. Perhaps a little of SunZi as well, as each leader tread the line carefully, knowing full well that true victory is gained without going to war…


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