Fox or Hedgehog

In an article brought to my attention by a good friend, Mr Bilahari Kausikan talks about the new era we are living in. As an Arts student myself, I fully agree with him that rarely do the subject we learn in school have direct application to what we do in life. Hey, I’m a military officer, philosophy and political science?

Anyway, even so, what we learn and what we read in our formative years plays an important part in shaping our mental models and the way we think. Given that, I would much prefer to be a generalist and explore many aspects of life (fox) than be a hedgehog, living in just one area of expertise and hope that it remains valid…


3 thoughts on “Fox or Hedgehog

  1. My thoughts exactly. Some people seem to think that because my blog is about the Pacific Wars, that’s all I think about. I go to other sites to enjoy my other interests.

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