South Korea’s Education Culture

Sometimes, when I see how my sons have to study to be moderately successfully in Singapore, I am quite worried for their future. The amount of work they have to go through and at such a young age, is probably something I won’t be able to handle when I was at their age. Then I read about South Korea’s education system. Kim, in the Diplomat, writes about the Cram School system, or the hagwon.

Frankly, the school after school system is nightmarish. As the society progresses and increases its social pressure on its younger population, demanding them to crunch more numbers and do more with shorter time, something will give. As Kim points out, they churn out standardized high performers in exams, but what do they really learn?

Singapore also faces such problem. As the Ministry of Education revamps over and over again, the parents of Singapore are not giving them an easy time too. Demanding that the system prepares their children for the future and yet have a holistic education. I can only pray for my sons and hope that they find a true interest in life and devote themselves to it before they get sucked into the race rat…


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