Singapore Conversation

As Mr Goh talked about Singapore going into mid-life crisis this morning and how the leadership needs to change its style, the Singapore conversation needs to be more inclusive. As BN talks about the conversation here, I am very intrigued by the depth and breadth of the conversation at the various sessions at the OSC.

A few thoughts on OSC. Firstly, not everyone goes to OSC willing to listen. Some of them, like the real estate agents, have their own agendas, only wants to get their thoughts heard and hope to get a reaction they want. As such, it makes the conversation meaningless when everyone goes to talk and no one listens. Secondly, not everyone is clear about the topic they are passionate about nor have they thought through it before bringing it up for discussion. As such, in the presentation of their thoughts, they invite more questions on clarity than about concepts. Finally, no one is knowledgeable about all the subjects important to have contributions to the discussion. This makes it important for the government to engage the ones who are really passionate about the subject beyond the discussion. OSC, I guess, helps the government to sift out the really important questors and engage them separately…





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