Price of Global Primacy

military spending

It has been a while since I added a post. After a feedback from a good friend, I have also decided to change the lay out of the blog and streamline the posts here as well…

Anyway, here’s the latest post from James Holmes, the Naval Diplomat blogger from the Diplomat. In this article, Holmes discusses the value of American’s military power in maintaining its hegemony. In joining the fray about the benefit of a strong military spending, he states three points. Firstly, the spending on military has been constantly high throughout the years, why is there a sudden interest in cutting the budget? Secondly, military spending does not equate to military might. On this point, I couldn’t agree more. As a wise person said recently, if an adversary uses a simple dollar technology which forces us to use a million dollar technology to counter it, we have lost the war. Outspending the adversary is never a wise choice of measurement of military might.

Finally, global primacy may not be dependent on military might. America may still be able to support its primacy by other means and withdrawing its military might does not mean that it will lose its place in the global stage. On this note, we may never know. Similar to the situation in Gulf of Aden, while the piracy rates have dropped and the coalition forces celebrate its first year free of piracy, removing the military forces from Gulf may retard the situation back to the state it was before. As such, the coalition forces will probably not remove their forces there. Besides, there are much more benefits in being there than just the operational experience.


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