Work and Life Balance

One of the things most talked about these few years is work-life balance. Breakfast Network has an article in which three authors try to work out with is work-life balance. All three authors, obviously has put in much thought into the topic and their take on the term shows depth in their thinking about the issue and how we may look at it affect how we approach the subject.

Augustin Chiam advocates “work-life synergy” instead of work-life balance. Work should be part of our lives rather than the means of our lives. When we enjoy our work, we no longer demand more time away from work nor more holidays, because we are passionate about the work. Pavan Mano defines the issue of work-life balance by stating that the balance is a fluid one in which everyone has their own definition of what is an acceptable amount of work an employee is expected to put in and that definition is, in turn, dependent on what are their aspirations, ambitions and goals at work. Finally, Vinod Ashvin Ravi asks that we see the result of any work-life balance survey with respect to the the context and if that is really significant.

My own take on work-life balance has been summed up by Mr Desmond Kuek recently at a talk. He said, “Put life in your work and work on your life to achieve work-life balance.” If we are able to be passionate about our work and, at the end of the day, have sufficient energy to spend time with our family and loved ones to build relationship, we would have achieved work-life balance.


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