Three things I’ve learnt at Clubmed Bintin

Been a while since my last post as I was away with the family at Clubmed Bintan. While I had a relaxing and fun time there, I’ve learnt three things about Singapore and our way of life. Firstly, Singapore REALLY has no natural resources to speak of. Even when we want to find a place to go away and relax, most, if not all Singaporeans will go overseas. There is simply no space to speak of in Singapore. No natural wonders, natural sights nor natural anything to go and ease the mind. Even the ones that we had while we were still a young nation were sacrificed on the altar of economy prosperity and progress.

Secondly, our region is blessed with natural wonders, just not us. Our neighbors have wonderful sights and places. Just one hour’s ferry ride away from Singapore is a beautiful beach with palm trees and fine white sand. Our neighbors really don’t have to struggle much to make do. In my father’s words, “When all you have to do is to stretch out your arm to get a banana, you take life at a slower pace.”

Thirdly, even with our current man-made success, the typical Singaporean’s daily life is a struggle. A rats’ race among ourselves, among the newly arrivals on our land and against the world at large. With the constant struggle to keep up and the sense that if we stop, we fall behind, how are we ever going to be happy. Singapore prides itself with its night life and being a 24hr city. However, enjoyment does not equate to happiness. Happiness comes with contentment and an ease of mind.


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