Indonesia’s Army

Another blog I’ve been following talked about Indonesia’s President SBY recently speaking to his military at Latihan Gabungan 2013. Natalie Sambhi stated that based on the context SBY was speaking and his audience, which was mainly domestic, Indonesia is not being hawkish and starting an arms race. Generally, I agree with her.

The TNI, in my opinion, has always been inward looking, seeking to maintain the security and integrity of Indonesia, not for outwards expansion. The role of TNI, in Indonesia has always been one of the founding pillars of Indonesia. Pancasila or the five principles of Indonesia, from what I know, has been the guiding principle for TNI as well. Thus, for TNI to be looking aggressively outwards does not seem to align with what I’ve known before.

Thanks Ms Sambhi for clarifying the statement.


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