Thinking of politics

Is it ever possible to think about politics objectively and discuss it rationally? As we talk politics, we are discussing about concepts that are close to our heart and being. Concepts of freedom, values and ideals. While we talk about the need to nurture stability or to induce change, it is our emotions that stirs us to choose between the two.


2 thoughts on “Thinking of politics

  1. First thing that comes to mind is the objective (and motivation behind) behind one’s political ideology. For example, on an institutional or individualistic level — for the “greater good” or to further self interests? To say all things come down to one’s “emotions” is hasty generalizing. Good post though, thought provoking.

  2. I guess this post was rather hasty as I was attending a seminar overseas and the speaker was talking about politics in his homeland. As a formal political thinktank and observer, he gave very insightful comments and analysis on his country’s politics. One thing that resonances with me was the fact that he tried to shared his politic views with his family and close friends but while most of them cannot refute his logic, they cannot accept his conclusion. It boiled down to their sentiments regarding the current administration, hyped up by the media, mainstream and otherwise.
    Yes, it is political ideology that spurs the decision, but how many of us has truly thought through our “ideology” and is it not also at the end dictated by passion rather than rational thoughts?

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