How to make a point on the international front?


A good and detailed analysis of the North Korean “Crisis” here at the Diplomat, Mr Kelly postulates that North Korea will NOT fire its missile as it will only spell its own end . While the reason remains unclear, Mr Kelly points that the only way North Korea leader can make his points in the international front is to further up the rhetoric. Most analysis agree that North Korea will not fire its missiles and the only way that North Korean can make the world pay attention is to make louder noise. At the end of the day, it was “forced” to cut its own lifeline to make the world think that it is serious. By closing Kae-song, it is hurting itself while telling the world that this is for real. It is like a little kid screaming murder and cutting himself on the wrist to prove his point

Thus, the leaders of the world adhered to its wishes and paid attention to the blusters. Enough media (include this one) has been generated on it hopefully to meet Kim’s expectation. Foreign Policy has an amusing article on how Kim owes the media now with a complete list of threats he has given… Whether it is for his own political dominance within the regime, to get aid, or just to make his country placed in the limelight again, one can only hope that this is enough for him. We can now pat the little boy on the head, give him the candy he wants and hope he quietens down for now.


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