Setting up for success

In a previous blog, I noted that often we plan for failure without realizing it, either by having too high an expectation; starting out too fast or too late; or simply by following on from previous mistakes.

These few days, I have attended a course by Prof Neo who taught us the principles of governance success. The key points of his course stuck with me as, not just crucial to success in governance, but also keys to setting up for success. They are namely, looking ahead, looking again and looking across.

Often we do not plan ahead. Not just to think of what we need to do next, but also to think of what challenges may beset us in the future and thus not be prepared for it. This of course must be followed up by concrete steps top ensure that when the future comes, we are ready and not just react to out.

Once we are moving on the right track, we also need to be constantly examining at what we are doing now to make sure that it is correct.

Lastly, to check across to others to get feed back that we are indeed alright


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