Thinking of politics

Is it ever possible to think about politics objectively and discuss it rationally? As we talk politics, we are discussing about concepts that are close to our heart and being. Concepts of freedom, values and ideals. While we talk about the need to nurture stability or to induce change, it is our emotions that stirs us to choose between the two.


Greatness and goodness

As we study about political situations in Asian countries today, one thing comes to my mind. It takes a great man to build up something, but it takes a morally good man to give it up for the next generation.

True tales from a taxi driver

I read two stories from a taxi driver, Mr M, in Singapore posted on Yahoo! News today.

The first story is quite heartening as he recounts how he struggled with the drastic drop in income and changing lifestyle and changes. The story ends off with how he changes his ‘hats’ over the course of the day, being a chauffeur, tour guide, counselor, etc. I do wish that all the taxi drivers in Singapore are as forward looking as him and strive to be as professional as well. As my brother shared on Facebook the other day, many a times, our first impressions of a country is formed by the official at the immigration officer. Similarly, the taxi drivers of Singapore forms a big portion of the type of impression tourists and visitors have of Singapore.

His second story, or second article shares ten true stories from passengers whom he picked up at the two casinos of Singapore, namely Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. The stories are quite chilling and harsh realities of what gambling does to a person if it becomes an addiction. PLEASE read before you venture into the casinos!!!

Reflection on analysis of operational factors

It is critical that on studying at the strategic or operational level, one does not get bogged down by too much tactical or technical details. I guess you can call this, “losing the forest for the trees”. When that happens, one tend to be too focused on one aspect of the whole picture and forget the interaction between the various aspects of the situation.             
Clarity of process and the steps involved must be maintained in order not to produce foregone conclusions before  full analysis is completed. Each of us come to the table with pre conceived ideas and it is only through a disciplined process can we hope to achieve objectivity and pierce through the lens of our visions.