Find a job you like

A dear friend of mine just tendered her resignation for her job. She is one of the most responsible and hardworking person I have ever known. She practically works till 11pm everyday from Monday to Friday and still takes care of her daughter. When I asked her what made her finally make the decision, she replied, “I need to get my life back…”

Many a times, I ask myself is this the job for me. I have never had another job before, signing on to the military after I left Junior College. Even though, I look at my other friends out in the commercial or professional world and envy some of their lifestyle, I never felt the urge to leave. At the end of the day, my reasoning is this. I like my professional and what I do, influencing people, managing tasks as well as planning and executing operations. I will continue on my profession as long as (1) I wake up daily feeling glad that I am going to do somethings useful (2) I come back from work, feeling satisfied and (3) I am still energized from work to spend time with my family.


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