The cyber dragon

Can someone more computer savvy read this and explain to me???


ASEAN and its CSMBs

Chanced upon another good article on ASEAN, regarding the recent incident at SABAH.

I’ve always felt that ASEAN can do so much more it the leaders are willing to take another step forward to building integration and amity within the region. As Paul Pryce suggests in this article, the conflict presents an opportunity for the regional to adopt stronger measures, unique to ASEAN, not just to resolve the immediate issue, but to come together as one…

The Genius Mind

“The art of war is simple, everything is a matter of execution” – Napoleon Bonaparte

A genius at war, he held no precise nor definite rule to his chosen craft. In practice, he improved on existing processes and used them in new context and ways. At the heart of the genius, is someone who does not simply accept things for the way they are and seeks to constantly improve them.

Some say it was the situation that drives the genius, but without this thirst to improve, there would be no genius. The other day, we were introducted to the “Maneouverist Mind”, who constantly seeks to dislocate the enemy by exploiting their weakness. The philosophy behind the mind was similar to that of Bonaparte, to constantly tease and seek out ways to defeat the enemy where he least expects it and is most vulnerable.